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Think any video from any website to any file format! That's what VDownloader is all about! It's free forever and simple to use... All your video downloading and converting problems solved with one simple tool!

Online Video Downloader

Oh yes, it works on most websites and can download files in all the most popular video and non-video file formats. VDownloader is free to use and has a pro version that gives extra functionality for those who need a super powerful video downloader and converter!

Download Videos from Different Websites

Do you want to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Vimeo and 10,000+ other video sharing sites?

VDownloader is a free video downloader that allows you to download your favorite video from any website. Take any video URL and turn it into video file. Watch your videos offline and on your computer or phone!

Online Video Converter to MP4, MOV, AVI and More Video Formats

With our free online video converter, you can convert downloaded videos into almost any format including MP4 (to store them in your iPhone/iPad), AVI (Windows Media Player) or MKV (Android).

This means that no matter what device you use – PC, Mac or mobile phone – we have got you covered! Download videos and transfer them to your devices so you can view them without any WiFi or cellular internet connection needed.

Convert Videos to Audio

You can turn any downloaded video in to audio file in any popular sound format. This will allow you to listen to your videos on the go or while working, without the need for WIFI or internet connection!

Choose Video Quality

VDownloader allows you to download video in any video quality! This means downloading videos can result in:

Choose Video Format

Our video downloading software is a powerful tool that supports many different file formats. Here are a few most popular video downloading formats that our users love and use every day:

  • MP4 Online Video Download
  • MOV Online Video Download
  • AVI Online Video Download
  • MKV Online Video Download
  • WMV Online Video Download
  • 3GP Online Video Download

How to Download Online Videos?

You can do it with just a few clicks! Our online video downloader is the easiest way to get your favorite videos. It works on most websites and supports all file formats.

  1. Install VDownloader
  2. Paste URL of your video
  3. Select file format and quality
  4. Press download button!
  5. Done! You have downloaded video successfully!

And if needed, we also offer a pro VDownloader version of our app with advanced features like downloading entire playlists from YouTube or converting downloaded files into 4K or 8K quality.

Try out VDownloader today for yourself!

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