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Need to catch up on some news without access to the internet? Download news videos from most news websites and watch them offline later!

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VDownloader is a news video downloader lets you download videos from most news websites so you can watch them offline whenever the mood strikes.

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All it takes is a paste the URL to download the video and then you don't need internet access to watch your news!

VDownloader News Video Downloader is your solution for on the go news and entertainment. With our downloading software, you'll never miss out on the latest crazy scandals and breaking news reports... Just because there's no internet connection where you are going!

Download the latest news videos in one quick click of a button!

All you need to do is visit any of the supported news websites, copy links, paste them to VDownloader and start downloading. You can later view these video files offline when you don't have access to WIFI or cellular data coverage.

Send video files from your computer to your phone, pc, tablet or any other device, so you can watch your videos later!

Works on Biggest News Media Websites

VDownloader is not your average downloader that works only on one website... On the contrary, our developers works hard to make sure that VDownloader works on as many online websites. Here's just a few news websites that you can download videos from, using VDownloader.

Download CNN Videos

One of the biggest international news network out there has to be on this list! VDownloader allows you to download videos from CNN. Download now and watch it later without the need for internet connection.

Download FOX News Videos

All the latest news and reports from Fox News can be downloaded using our news video downloader. Be on top of politics, local US news or global press releases!

Download CNBC Videos

Want to follow news on stock market, business and other financial stories? VDownloader allows you to download any video from CNBC, so you can watch it later.

Download NDTV Videos

If you need to download videos from one of the biggest Indian news broadcaster - NDTV, you can always use VDownloader to do that. Fast and reliable download speed, matched with quality of your file quality of your choice.

Download NYTimes Videos

If you are following one of the most trusted news media website in the world, but want to watch NYTimes videos offline, you need our video downloader! Get all the reports, breaking news from US and all around the globe.

Download Washington Post Videos

Washington Post politics reports can be one of the most informative and up to date news videos out there. If you need to watch Washington Post videos offline (flight or bad internet connection?), download your news videos now and watch them later!

Download USA Today Videos

Get all your news videos from all american news broadcaster, USA Today? Want to download videos from USA Today so you can watch them without any need for internet connection? VDownloader can help you with that.

Download ABC News Videos

Want to download videos from one of the biggest Australian news outlet, ABC News? Our video downloader allows you to convert any ABC News video link to a simple file on your computer! Now you can watch ABC news without the need of internet connection, on your computer, tv, phone or any other device!

How to Download News Videos?

You can download news from your favorite news outlets with just a few clicks! Our video downloader is the easiest way to get your news videos so you can watch them later! It works on biggest news websites and supports all file formats.

  1. Install VDownloader
  2. Paste URL of your news video link
  3. Select file format and quality
  4. Press download button!
  5. Done! You have downloaded your news video successfully!

And if needed, we also offer a pro VDownloader version with advanced features like downloading entire playlists from YouTube or converting downloaded files into 4K or 8K quality.

Try out VDownloader today for yourself!

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