O que há de novo?

No VDownloader, não nos contentamos. Estamos empenhados em levar o máximo que pudermos e fornecer o melhor software de download de vídeo que você já utilizou! Estamos constantemente introduzindo novos recursos e resolvendo os problemas!

  • v5.0.4016 | June 30th 2020

    Critical Update!

    VDownloader was updated to circumvent some of the new changes made by YouTube. This update is marked as critical. Without it, users will not be able to download most YouTube videos.

  • v5.0.3994 | June 15th 2020

    VDownloader 5 Launch!

    Whats new in VDownloader 5?

    • The UI has been modernized and streamlined.
    • The Clipboard tab can keep track of any supported URL you copy.
    • Playlist and channel downloads are grouped together for easier management.
    • Output formats have been reorganized and simplified.
    • In the History tab you will be able to find videos you browsed to in VDownloader.
    • We no longer support burning DVDs. Does anyone still use those?
  • v5.0.1 - Beta | January 27th 2020

    Initial Public Beta Release

    Initial Public Beta was released!