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septiembre 28, 2017

Minor Update!

  • Now you can download subtitles even when downloading a partial video!
  • Fixed issue where download speed was not shown on some videos.
  • Improved update and installation process.
  • Various minor bugs and stability improvements
septiembre 15, 2017

Bug Fixes!

  • Fixed issue with the minimum width of the VDownloader window.
  • Integration with Facebook now works again.
  • Fixed issue with preview thumbnails not showing correctly.
  • Fixed issue that degraded video quality when cutting.
julio 25, 2017

E-Sports Fans Will Like This Update!

  • We know how popular E-Sports are, so we’ve added support for live streaming! Never miss another match!
  • Now when cutting a video for partial download you can know the resulting video length.
  • We now support MTS video format.
  • Improved conversion speed by eliminating unnecesary conversions.
  • You can now download YouTube auto-generated subtitles (CC).
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.
mayo 31, 2017

Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Embedded YouTube videos can now be downloaded. Simply paste a URL with embedded YouTube videos in the download tab and click download!
  • New sound notifications
  • Fixed bugs in Batch Downloads
  • Improved 4K and 8K downloads
  • Improved Feed handling when loading
  • Bug fix for paused downloads.
  • Various minor bug fixes and performance improvements
abril 12, 2017

VDownloader now supports more than 300 websites

  • VDownloader now supports over 300 sites. You can find the complete list here.
  • Added a playlist player for search results and feeds.
  • Fixed some search issues in which VDownloader showed no search results.
  • Fixed issue with some adult videos not downloading.
  • Fixed issue with Vine downloads.
  • You can now download YouTube auto generated subtitles (CC).
  • Fixed issue with playlist downloading only 50 videos.
  • Fixed Download button in our integrated Browser.
  • Improved download speed by removing unnecessary conversions.
  • Fixed issue with Vimeo downloads
  • Fixed issue with downloads not being canceled.
  • Added support for live streaming from popular sources such as YouTube, Twitch and Showroom.
  • Various minor bugs and stability improvements.
febrero 13, 2017

My favorite gift for Valentine’s Day? Bug fixes!

  • Fixed issue involving failed MP3 downloads.
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Improved stability and speed.
enero 31, 2017

Our New Year’s Resolution? Decreasing RAM usage!

  • Fixed “Specify Output format” message when downloading videos.
  • Fixed that pesky 403 error when downloading certain YouTube videos.
  • Added support to download AOL videos.
  • Fixed an issue where videos are cleared from the download tab even if the «Clear finished videos on restart» option is checked.
  • Decreased RAM consumption and optimized startup.
enero 17, 2017

Modernized UI, 8K support, multi-selection and more!

  • Modernized VDownloader’s look and feel for better Windows 10 integration.
  • Major improvements to video download speeds.
  • Added support for 8K videos.
  • Added support for downloading Instagram and Twitter videos.
  • Integrated Google search in Browser.
  • Download multiple videos by using mouse multi-selection.
  • Improved Feeds management in the Feed tab.
  • Bypass age restriction on YouTube videos and download without needing a YouTube account.
  • Standardized video/audio size/quality names.
  • Improved Speed and reliability of integrated Browser.
  • Numerous bug fixes, including:
  • Pressing the Delete key does not delete feeds.
  • When searching, changing from Keyword to Channel or Playlist does not load new search results.
  • Pausing videos has unexpected results.
  • Issues when selecting a Feed while loading.
  • Fixed issue when adding a search term as a Feed.

Continuous Improvement

At VDownloader, we don’t settle. We are committed to pushing as far as we can go and provide the best video downloading software you’ll ever use! We’re constantly introducing new features and ironing out the kinks!


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