Be a VDownloader Affiliate

Join the VDownloader affiliate program and start earning 50% on every sale

  • VDownloader is one of the worlds most popular video downloading tools, used by millions of people.
  • Get linked to a global brand and earn a starting commission rate of 50%
  • Boost traffic to your website


How can I join?
Register via Avangate’s affiliate marketing network.
Pick up the VDownloader affiliate text link or banner from Avangate and use it on your website.
Through these links, your sales will be tracked and your commission paid.

Are there any costs to join?
No. To become a VDownloader affiliate on Avangate is free of charge.

How will sales be tracked to me?
Affiliate sales are tracked through the use of the Avangate URL’s that you place on your website or in your promotions. When a potential customer clicks on the URL a cookie is dropped to track any affiliate sales that are derived from that visit.

What commission will I receive on sales?
VDownloader offer their affiliates a starting commission rate of 50% on each sale.

What if the potential customer goes to your site through my referral but buys at a later date going directly to your site?
The cookie that is dropped to track affiliate sale activity by a potential customer last’s for 120 days. Any sales that result from that customer within that timeframe will result in a tracked sale. Please note that if customer traffic is driven by another affiliate within that timeframe the sale will be tracked to the most recent affiliate.

Do I have to create my own ads and artwork to promote VDownloader?
No, through Avangate a variety of text and banner creative are available to the affiliates free of charge. These come in a variety of forms and are country specific. All you have to do is pick up the VDownloader text or banner creative that works best for your site.

What types of creative are available?
A variety of creative is available to VDownloader affiliates via Avangate. VDownloader provide both text and banner creative and these are country specific for affiliates. Banner creative also comes in a variety of shapes and sizes so affiliates can choose the banner that works best for their website. All of these are free of charge to VDownloader affiliates on Avangate.


Unfortunately, VDownloader isn’t supported on your device just yet.
If you’d like us to let you know once VDownloader supports it,
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