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Downloading copyright protected videos

We strongly feel that you have the right to consume media in the format of your choosing. However, due to certain limitations, we could not implement the functionality to circumvent the security measures put in place by certain video streaming websites in our free product. There are however multiple options available should you wish to download such a video;

Buy VDownloader Plus
This is the recommended option because it allows you to download any kind of video from any website and convert it to any possible format. Buying a license will save you a lot of time and effort. Learn more.
Install Free YouTube Downloader
This software allows you to download any YouTube video, but it does not support any other websites and the choice in output formats is rather limited in comparison to VDownloader Plus.
Use a web based downloader
Online video downloaders are system independent and do not require installation. However, they’re also slower, require more manual work per download and have very limited options.

Win a free license for VDownloader Plus

About once a week, we give away one or more free licenses to VDownloader Plus through a contest on our Facebook fan page. Participating is free, just click the ‘Like’ button to become a fan. If the number of participants increases, we give away more licenses. Invite your friends for higher odds at winning.